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What is an HVAC System?

Right away, you may be asking yourself what exactly is an HVAC system. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and it states the functions of the system. They are designed to provide thermal control and indoor comfort to the environment it inhabits. In Florida, stepping into any building, or home with air conditioning […]

Top 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning is a must-have living in South Florida. The heat outside our doors is intense, and if problems in our air conditioning systems surface, it can be quite costly. Being aware of the possible issues that can arise in your A/C unit will help maintain your system right now and for years to come. […]

If You want Another Way to Stay Energy Efficient, You Need Insulation in Your Life

  Stay Energy Efficient With Attic Insulation Here in South Florida, our air conditioning bills go through the roof during the summer when the sun won’t quit. With the necessity to have a fresh home proving to be more indispensable than ever, it is without a question that having your A/C unit working in pristine […]

Why Having a Constant Eye on Your A/C is Crucial to Keeping Cool

  A/C Regular Checks If you’re experiencing severe attachment issues and are clinging to your A/C unit in the unbearable Florida heat, you’re not the only one. The key to survival during the months of summer, which, let’s face it, is mainly from January through December, is keeping your house fresh and comfortable. Of course, […]

How to Reduce Cooling Costs During the Summer

  The Cooling Costs During Summer Summer is on its way, and being Florida residents, we all know what that means, heat is on its way. And with that heat means that our air conditioning units will be working extra hard to keep our residences at the temperature level we are most accustomed too. That […]

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

  AC Unit Maintenance Your air conditioning unit is possibly one of the essential pieces of mechanical equipment your home has, especially in Florida. Your A/C regulates the temperature and quality of air within your household. Without a functioning unit, your house would be unlivable. Another thing to take into consideration is that, as is […]

A/C Tune-Up

Changing the filter is an important component of every AC tune-up routine. If you don’t change the filter once per month or as recommended during cooling season, your AC unit will be inefficient and more likely to fail prematurely. To reach the filter, open up the filter compartment next to your AC unit. Before removing […]

Air Duct Cleaning: How Does it Work and What Are Its Benefits?

  Air Duct Cleaning If you haven’t had professional air duct cleaning done at your home in the past year, then you and your family may be breathing in a high level of allergens and debris. Fortunately, there’s never a bad time to schedule air duct cleaning services in your home. Not only is it […]

How much does installing a new air conditioner cost?

  AC Installation AC installation is an absolute necessity in some parts of the United States. This becomes especially true during the summer months. Newer air conditioning units tend to produce less sound, create a more powerful stream of cool air and use energy in a more efficient way. These benefits that come with buying […]

AC Repair 101: Leaking Water

  AC Repair : 101 Here are some of the most common types of A/C problems we come across. Some are preventable by doing routine maintenance that you can do yourself and others will require professionals. Topic: “My A/C unit is leaking water” A/C drain lines and pans should be cleaned at least twice a […]

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