How to Reduce Cooling Costs During the Summer

The Cooling Costs During Summer

Summer is on its way, and being Florida residents, we all know what that means, heat is on its way. And with that heat means that our air conditioning units will be working extra hard to keep our residences at the temperature level we are most accustomed too. That being the case, this extra work for your a/c unit means you will be using more energy, and therefore, have to pay more regarding an energy bill. Well, we at Cooling FX do not want that to happen and are here to give you some tips on how to cool your house during the summer months, but not have to break the bank to do so.

5 Tips to Lower Your Bill

  1. Close Your Curtains

From where is this heat coming? The Sun obviously, so why give it any aid in making your household all hotter? One of your first options for lowering your house’s internal temperature is by just closing your blinds, shades, and curtains. The simple act of closing your shades can reduce the heat gained from your windows by around 45%; also, try incorporating lighter colored curtains and blinds, as they reflect more heat.

  1. Avoid Heat Buildup

It is vital that you keep any heat generating activities to a minimum when the temperature outside your home surpasses that of the inside. This includes running appliances that give off a lot of heat such as the oven or dryer. Try only to perform these activities when the sun is at its lowest during the day or has set entirely.

  1. Use Air Circulating Appliances

Just moving and displacing the air in your house will change the comfort level of your household. Remember, a fan does not lower the temperature of a home; it merely makes the air more comfortable.

  1. Run your A/C Cost-effectively

When not home, know that you do not need to have your air conditioning running at your desired comfort level. When not at home you can set it to a higher degree, this will help keep your electricity bill at a practical level. You can do this by setting your thermostat to a timer to take effect during certain times of the day, or you can change the temperature manually.

  1. Maintain your Cooling System

Possibly the most important thing to do, a healthy A/C unit will function more efficiently and reliably. If you’re A/C is not up to date on its repairs then it will be forced to consume more energy to perform the same tasks it always has, and therefore your bill will rise.

Cooling FX Inc.

With Cooling FX Inc., you are trusting in the best cooling and heating company in South Florida. We offer every service possible when it comes to ensuring that your location, be it residential or commercial, has a comfortable interior atmosphere. This includes maintenance, repairs, and air conditioning installations. We also offer vent cleaning to make sure the quality of your air is top notch; we even provide attic insulation, so your interior temperature is more easily kept.

When you call Cooling FX, you can be assured our services will exceed your expectations. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you called dedicated professionals.



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