How to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning

Guidelines For Extending The AC Life

Each air conditioning unit has a time where their peak performance begins to decline. Over the years, your system will experience wear and tear for many reasons. There are some guidelines that homeowners can follow to inflict less stress on their unit to keep it running for many years.

Clean the System

Keep dust and dirt out of your air conditioning unit with the proper cleaning. Whether it's dusting inside or sweeping outside, the blockage will occur if dirt has room to build up near the unit. Changing out the air filter prevents debris from circulating through the house and into living areas. Blockages will put a strain on your unit’s performance.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance from a professional will keep substantial issues from arising. Of course, natural disasters and electrical shortages might not be as easily avoidable. However, having a professional carefully inspect everything from the inside out, then there’s no reason for homeowners to shell out a ton of money for extensive repairs that could have been prevented with routing maintenance.

Keep Entryways Closed

Avoid letting copious amounts of humidity into your home because it will make your system kick into overdrive to keep your home fresh. It may be a little more difficult for residents because of the level of humidity throughout Florida, but it's crucial to take that extra step. Moisture buildup in your house will ensure the growth of mold and mildew. Keep all your doors, and windows shut when not in use and guarantee that they have the proper seal, so air doesn’t seep through the cracks of your home.

Install a Mini-Split System

If you have a central air conditioning unit that’s working correctly, more power to you. If you need to update or install a brand-new system into your home, then a mini-split system with thermostat technology is a viable option. Mini-split systems allow homeowners to cool the living areas being used and warm the ones that are empty. This way, you’re saving energy, money, and strain on your unit.


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