AC Maintenance Services Fort Lauderdale

Most Ac Units go without proper AC maintenance for many years. This is when problems begin. An Air handler is the perfect breeding ground for mold, why? An Air handler removes humidity from the air leaving behind algae build up on coils and pans which allows mold to grow on the inside of the unit and duct work. Not only does this affect the air you breathe but also makes the unit work harder and use more energy. We suggest having your system service/tune-up at least once a year. Your AC Technician would be able to inform you before any water problems occur. We recommend to all our customers to purchase a maintenance plan which includes a 2 yearly AC tune-ups, 20% discount on any repairs and no service call charge during regular business hours.

Other services we would recommend to maintain and extend the life of your HVAC are :

  • Yearly tune-up and thorough inspection of cooling & heating system
  • Residential & Commercial Maintenance contracts available to meet your customized needs
  • Custom filter sizes available
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Ultra Violet UV Lights
  • Whole house air cleaners
  • Air duct evaluations – leaky air ducts causes high energy bill & poor air quality
  • Condensate overflow protection (float switch)
  • Custom drip pans available
  • Surge protection
  • Wi-Fi & Digital Programmable thermostats
Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation
Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation
Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation
Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation


Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation

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Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation

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Fort Lauderdale AC Repair & Installation

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