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Stay Energy Efficient With Attic Insulation

Here in South Florida, our air conditioning bills go through the roof during the summer when the sun won’t quit. With the necessity to have a fresh home proving to be more indispensable than ever, it is without a question that having your A/C unit working in pristine condition is a must-have.

Benefits of Having Insulation

Right off the bat, let’s talk about what insulation is. It is a product that helps reduce the amount of heat loss and gain by offering a barrier between the levels that have a significant change in temperature. With basements being non-existent in Florida, our attics are the first line of defense to protect against heat gain due to lack of insulation.

The cold air that we thought was circulating our house was going straight through the roof. Insulation inside your attic could reduce the amount of energy you’re using each month and will give your air conditioning unit the optimum circumstances.

Cooling FX Inc. uses hypoallergenic fiberglass insulation for all attic insulations. Specifically, we use AttiCat Equipment and Owens Corning Expanding PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation within our company. The reason we use this specific type of insulation is that it won’t settle after installation and it maintains its power over an extended period.

R-Value and Reducing Costs

The level of installation, or R-value, is dependent on your home and the climate you live in.  The R means resistance to heat.  The higher the level installed in your attic, R19, R30, R38, the more heat it will keep away from coming inside your home.  Florida has an extremely low R-value which indicates that the thermal performance in that area is reduced. It is exceptionally costly, but these levels help us determine the amount of insulation is needed in that area.

Aside from reducing a considerable percentage of the energy lost in your home, insulation also reduces cost. Your bill every month spent on energy will lessen remarkably. Having to pay your energy bills in the summer won’t put as much of a dent in your wallet this summer thanks to insulation. Call Cooling FX Inc. today if you have any concerns about insulations or anything else.

Cooling FX Inc. is reputable and trustworthy. We offer same-day HVAC service, financing options, and we’re fully licensed and insured.


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