Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit


AC Unit Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit is possibly one of the essential pieces of mechanical equipment your home has, especially in Florida. Your A/C regulates the temperature and quality of air within your household. Without a functioning unit, your house would be unlivable. Another thing to take into consideration is that, as is the case with all pieces of mechanical equipment, maintenance is needed to keep your unit up and running more reliably. We at Cooling FX Inc. want to give you some maintenance tips on keeping your unit working longer.

Air Conditioner Filters

Air Filters are often overlooked, not cleaned or replaced frequently.  Dirty filters cause high electrical bills and poor air conditioning performance. A clean filter also means that the quality of the air circulating is even higher, indicating that dust, hair, and dander are not just being pushed around your house. Some filters are reusable, while others need to be replaced, make sure you know which kind your unit utilizes. Cooling FX can custom make any filter size for you.

Air Conditioner Coils

Your unit’s evaporator and condenser coils will collect dirt as they are used. This will be lessened by a clean filter, but that does not mean the coils will never get too dirty to function. To avoid this problem, check and clean your coils yearly.

Coil Fins

These are the aluminum fins located on your unit’s coils, and are easily bent and can lead to a blockage of airflow through the coil. To fix this, purchase a tool called a “fin comb”; this will allow you to comb the fins back into their position.

Condensate Drains

Due to the moisture and water flow of the drain build-ups and clogging can occur. To prevent this occasionally run a stiff wire through to alleviate this problem.  A wet-dry vacuum can also be used to clean a clogged drain line.

Hiring a Professional

Bringing a professional out to inspect your unit is a lot like going to the doctors for a checkup, you are checking to see if there is anything that should be fixed before it leads to something much worse. The professional can examine and look for things that you may miss or not know what to look for.

Before the particularly hot months this summer, you would be doing yourself a favor if you had a professional come out to perform a checkup. You do not want your unit to start acting up in the middle of July.   Give us a call today and schedule an AC tune-up.

Cooling FX Inc.

With Cooling FX Inc., you are trusting in the best cooling and heating company in South Florida. We offer every service possible when it comes to ensuring that your location, be it residential or commercial, has a comfortable interior atmosphere. This includes maintenance, repairs, and air conditioning installations. We also offer vent cleaning to make sure the quality of your air is top notch; we even provide attic insulation, so your interior temperature is more easily kept.

When you call Cooling FX, you can be assured our services will exceed your expectations. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you called dedicated professionals.





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