How much does installing a new air conditioner cost?


AC Installation Cost

AC installation is an absolute necessity in some parts of the United States. This becomes especially true during the summer months. Newer air conditioning units tend to produce less sound, create a more powerful stream of cool air and use energy in a more efficient way. These benefits that come with buying a newer model come at a higher cost, however.
That is, there are some factors homeowners should consider when deciding on which air conditioning unit to buy. Here are some tips for finding the right AC installation cost.

The Basics

Homeowners need to find out how large their air conditioning unit should be. Experts measure air conditioning units in "tons." Tons refers to how much heat the AC unit can remove within a one-hour interval.

For example, a one-ton unit removes 12,000 British thermal units--abbreviated to BTUs--while a three-ton system removes 36,000. Essentially, the larger a user's home, the stronger the air conditioner needs to be.

What Is a Ton?

To illustrate, a 1,6000 square foot house requires a 2.5 ton unit. Furthermore, homeowners need to consider the type of environment they will be installing their air conditioning unit in.

For example, basements are naturally cooler than the rest of the house. Thus, homeowners often do not include the basement when taking the size of the home into consideration for AC installation.

Is a Contractor Necessary?

Homeowners who are inexperienced when it comes to installing air conditioning units should consider hiring a contractor. Some of the AC installation processes can become pretty technical. For example, homes who have never had central air conditioning will need new breakers in the electrical panel.

In addition, the contractor will need to install wires throughout the house's foundation, new ductwork that links to the home's HVAC and will need to mount the unit on either some metal brackets or a concrete pad.

H2: Benefits of AC Installation

AC installation saves homeowners the hassle of researching how to manually install the units themselves. It prevents both injury and sinking too much time into the installation. The air conditioning itself has the benefit of providing clean, cool air during harsher climates.

Average Prices

Here are the average prices for AC installation. Homeowners should keep in mind these prices may fluctuate depending on the company and place. A basic two-ton model typically costs $3,000. A mid-range unit typically costs $5,000. The best air conditioning systems can cost over $10,000.


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