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AC Repair 101: Leaking Water


AC Repair : 101

Here are some of the most common types of A/C problems we come across. Some are preventable by doing routine maintenance that you can do yourself and others will require professionals.

Topic: “My A/C unit is leaking water”

  • A/C drain lines and pans should be cleaned at least twice a year
  • Drain lines and pans should be treated with tablets or liquid that can break up algae and slime that builds up causing the unit back up and start leaking
  • Filters need to be cleaned or replaced approximately every 30 days. A dirty filter can cause your unit to freeze up and start leaking.
  • Do not block A/C intake with boxes, suitcases, etc. This can cause a reduction in air flow causing the unit to freeze up and start leaking.
  • Low freon levels can also cause units to freeze up and drip water
  • Only an AC technician should measure your freon pressures and add freon as necessary.

Note: Low freon pressures usually means there is a leak in the system. There are several methods of leak detection which we will go over on future blogs.

ac leaking water

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