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How to Reduce Cooling Costs During the Summer

Summer is on its way, and being Florida residents, we all know what that means, heat is on its way. And with that heat means that our air conditioning units will be working extra hard to keep our residences at the temperature level we are most accustomed too. That being the case, this extra work […]

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning unit is possibly one of the essential pieces of mechanical equipment your home has, especially in Florida. Your A/C regulates the temperature and quality of air within your household. Without a functioning unit, your house would be unlivable. Another thing to take into consideration is that, as is the case with all […]

AC Repair 101: Leaking Water

AC Repair : 101 Here are some of the most common types of A/C problems we come across. Some are preventable by doing routine maintenance that you can do yourself and others will require professionals. Topic: “My A/C unit is leaking water” A/C drain lines and pans should be cleaned at least twice a year […]

Federal Tax Credit on Air Conditioners

2012 & 2013 The “25C” tax credit for 2013 allows homeowners to qualify for tax credits equal to 10% of the costs (up to $300) when installing qualified new high efficiency central air conditioners, heat pumps or hot water heaters: There is a lifetime residential energy tax credit limit of $500, retroactive to January 1, […]

Cooling FX ‘s First Blog!

For my first blog, I wanted to share Cooling FX business philosophy. Honesty, Integrity, Reliability. Three meaningful words that tell a story about how we at Cooling FX conduct our everyday operation. I’ve been in the air conditioning service, repairs and installation industry in South Florida for over 15 years. I have worked for a […]

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